Three Reasons To Drink Cold Brew Coffee


While there are some people who enjoy a hot beverage regardless of the temperature outside, others favor something cool when the weather is hot. If you have the latter mindset, you can visit a local coffee shop to assess your options during the heat of summer. Most coffee shops have a number of different products that you may wish to order, including cold brew coffee. This beverage is different from iced coffee, which you've perhaps had in the past. Here are three reasons to drink cold brew coffee. 

It Won't Heat You Up

Perhaps the biggest reason to order a cold brew coffee at a local coffee shop is that it won't heat you up when the weather is already warm. This is a beverage that has a cool and refreshing taste, thanks to the inclusion of a number of ice cubes when your drink is prepared. Even if you're drinking the coffee outdoors in the heat, the ice cubes will keep it chilled for a prolonged period of time. Of course, you can also order cold brew coffee outside of the summer months. If you're in a warm office at any time of the year and you favor a cool drink, this beverage is one to consider.

It's Not As Bitter

While the exact taste of any coffee product will depend on a few factors, including the type of coffee beans, you'll generally find that cold brew coffee doesn't have the same type of bitter taste as some other coffee products. This can be ideal if you don't favor bitter flavors, but it can also be desirable if you're watching your intake of sugar. A lot of people counteract the bitterness of coffee by adding sugar, but you might not want your drink to be too sweet. You may enjoy drinking cold brew with little to no added sugar, thanks to its non-bitter flavor.

It's High In Caffeine

A lot of people enjoy drinking cold brew coffee because of the caffeine that this beverage offers. The exact amount of caffeine will vary from product to product, but you'll often find more caffeine in cold brew coffee than in some other coffee products. If you're looking for a boost of energy but don't want a hot coffee because it's hot outside, a cold brew coffee can give you the boost that you need to get through the day.

Learn more about cold brew coffee and try a few different products by visiting a local coffee shop, such as Kool Bean Coffee.


24 February 2023

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