What To Consider When Booking Private Dining


Private dining is when you book a private room at a restaurant, and you and your group enjoy the food without being in a public setting. It's a great option for large groups, parties, business meetings, etc., because you get private space to entertain or conduct business and get great food—because you chose the restaurant. The price for private dining isn't as high as it would cost to rent a private facility and get catering. 

Here are some essential things to consider when booking a private dinner: 


How much do you want to spend on private dining? Include every possible charge in your budget, like tips for the staff, taxes, etc. Once you know precisely the amount you wish to spend, you can begin contacting nearby restaurants for pricing and choose a place that works with your budget.  

The Number of Guests

The restaurant will want to know the exact number of guests you'll have in your group and possibly the number of children. It will help them figure out the proper seating arrangements and plan for the food and drinks. The more information they have, the smoother the experience will be. 

Length of the Event or Meeting

Are you and your group only planning on eating, or do you have other things planned? Some groups might be having a birthday celebration or a business meeting, while others just want to eat with a large group and then head home. You should figure out how long you need your timeslot to be so the staff knows when they can use your private dining area for other guests.

Food Choices

You're not going out of your way to book a private dining session for nothing, so the food is likely the most crucial factor. You should figure out if your food options change with private dining or if you have the same menu as in the public dining area.  You should also be sure that everyone in your group is happy with the food choices served at the restaurant you choose.

Will Alcohol Be Served?

It's essential to decide if you want alcohol to be served when you book private dining because some restaurants might not have that option. Also, each establishment will have its own systems for pricing. For example, some might charge per drink as they do in the public dining area, while others might offer large pitchers of drinks that you and your group can use to serve yourself.

Contact a local restaurant to learn more about private dining


5 January 2023

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