Tips For Modernizing Your Waterfront Seafood Restaurant


Do you own a waterfront seafood restaurant that has been open for a while? If so, your restaurant may be feeling a little outdated and like it could use a bit of a facelift. Waterfront seafood restaurants are still popular, but the trend has been modernized in some ways.

Here are a few changes you may want to make to modernize your waterfront seafood restaurant.

Offer fresher menu items

For years, the key dishes on waterfront seafood restaurant menus were fried fish and shrimp, crab, lobster, and surf & turf specials. These dishes still have their place, but these days, many diners are looking for something fresher and lighter. Try revamping your menu to include more fresh, light dishes. Good examples include fish tacos, seafood salads, and broiled fish dishes. You could, for example, offer three different kinds of fish tacos for lunch. Or, you could feature a different seafood salad each day of the week.

Go for a more casual, beachy vibe

Dining, in general, has become less formal over the years. If your waterfront seafood restaurant still has a business casual vibe, it may be time to tone things down a bit and adopt a more beachy vibe. You want people to feel comfortable wandering right in, whether they're wearing flip-flops and a cover-up or a nicer sundress. Put some beach-themed decor on the walls, replace some of your lights with tiki torches, and hang some grass curtains across a few of the doorways. This decor will make guests feel relaxed, which is what most people want on the waterfront.

Offer some vegan options

It's not silly to assume that anyone coming to a waterfront seafood restaurant would want to eat seafood. But these days, more people are eating vegan and vegetarian diets than ever before. A group of people who come to your restaurant may include a vegan or vegetarian. You want people like this to feel comfortable in your restaurant and have something good to eat! Groups with a vegan or two are more likely to choose your restaurant if you have a few vegan options, too. A nice seaweed salad with some tofu, or a colorful vegetable stir fry with pad Thai sauce, are both tasty options.

If your waterfront seafood restaurant could use a little modernization, consider the options above. With fresh and vegan menu options, plus a beachy vibe, you'll be set.


29 July 2022

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