Three Ways To Book Your Banquet Room Besides Parties


Having an event banquet room in your restaurant can help make your space a venue for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events, but you won't want to keep the room empty when there are no parties booked. Fortunately, there are an array of options for booking the banquet room to bring in additional revenue throughout the week. Here are some ideas to consider to boost profits and make the most out of your restaurant's event space. 

Host Networking Events

Networking events make it easy for employers, professionals, and consultants to drum up business. Promote your banquet room as a prime space for cocktail hour networking events during the workweek. You can advertise with job boards or your local chamber of commerce to help spread the word. Your networking events should include bar service and appetizers, so be sure to come up with a menu to entice organizations to work host their networking events at your restaurant. You can also expand this idea to include mini job fairs on the weekends. Networking events for local schools also let you promote your restaurant within the community while putting high school students in touch with colleges or college students in touch with local businesses, though you'll want to remove bar service whenever these events include minors. 

Weekly Entertainment

Use weekly entertainment events to encourage regular customers to come spend some time and grab a meal. Open mic or trivia nights on weekdays are easy to set up and provide a way to bring more diners into your establishment. Be sure to set up tables and chairs in a more traditional configuration to accommodate couples and smaller groups. You can use your regular restaurant menu for these events, or you can put together specials for appetizers and entrees, giving you a unique chance to try out new menu offerings before fully releasing them to all your customers. Other weekly entertainment ideas might include bingo nights or karaoke events. 

Business Conferences And Meetings

If your banquet room offers enough space for multiple conference tables, consider promoting the room for smaller local business conferences. Your local chamber of commerce, for example, might need a space for planning small business owner meetings or strategizing the year's community outreach events. You can host these meetings or conferences, offering the room at a discounted rental rate to build relationships with other businesses. Boxed lunches or formal plated meals provide these potential contacts with a tasty meal and a sample of what you can provide for future events, such as networking events or corporate parties. You may want to reach out to local business parks or to your local government to find contacts for setting up business conferences and meetings in your restaurant.  


13 January 2022

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