5 Caribbean Foods You Have To Try


If you want to explore Caribbean cuisine, you have to try some dishes and foods. Certain foods define the genre of Caribbean cuisine, and you have to try those to really understand this unique and flavorful cuisine.

#1: Pepperpot

A food that is served across the Caribbean is a pepperpot. A pepperpot is a style of a rich stew that is all about the vegetables that grow in abundance throughout the islands. Pepperpot stew usually contains vegetables such as potatoes, aubergine, squash, okra, and peppers.

This dish can be made vegetarian style, or meat can be added in. The most common type of meat used in a pepperpot is beef. Often, cornmeal dumplings are also made to go with a pepperpot to add a little texture to the dish.

This is a basic dish that has many regional variations throughout the Caribbean.

#2: Chicken and Rice

A food that is eaten as an everyday meal by people in the Caribbean is chicken and rice. It is a comfort food on the islands. Chicken and rice are most popular in areas with more of a Spanish influence. Although it sounds basic, this food is actually really flavorful, with each cook having their own way of making this classic comfort dish. Generally, peppers, garlic, and tomatoes are used to add flavor to this dish.

#3: Roast Pork

Roast pork is another popular type of food found in the Caribbean. Roast pork requires time and dedication because a suckling pig is roasted for hours over the coals to create a juicy and moist meat. Roast pork is commonly served in roadside stands and is usually paired with other Caribbean staples, such as plantains, rice, and beans.

#4: Seafood

With so much ocean around, people in the Caribbean are great at making seafood dishes. If you want to enjoy seafood that is expertly prepared, you will want to go to a Caribbean restaurant. Whitefish and grouper are two types of commonly cooked and served fish, offering up tender meat. There are also lots of different shellfish dishes that are tasty as well. However, if you want seafood that tastes yummy and not fishy, you have to try some Caribbean-inspired and influenced seafood.

#5: Jerk

One of the most common flavors associated with the Caribbean is jerk. This is a spice mixture that originated in Jamaica but has spread throughout the Caribbean. The spice mix is most often used both wet and dry on chicken; however, that is not the only way to use the spice. Jerk spice is used on various grilled and smoked meat and is often added to vegetable dishes. Therefore, if you want to really enjoy Caribbean food, you have to try some jerk dishes.

If you want to explore Caribbean cuisines, you need to try a pepperpot, enjoy some classic comfort chicken and rice, try out some seafood, and enjoy some smoky jerk flavoring.


14 May 2021

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