Are You on a Diet? 4 Light and Healthy Meals That You Can Enjoy From Your Local Restaurant


When it comes to eating healthy, you need both discipline and the right ingredients during every meal. Many people tend to confuse a diet with starving oneself or consuming tasteless recipes. In fact, a proper diet should contain all the essential proteins, vitamins, and carbs that help you remain healthy as your body sheds excess fat. 

Eating light meals is an effective way of achieving this goal. And whether you're looking to add more veggies in your salads or reduce the amount of fat in your lunch-time snack, eating from a local restaurant can help you get started with your diet in the right way. Indeed, restaurant chefs know a thing or two about eating healthy. They often curate their menus to help clients achieve specific goals.  

Here are 3 light and healthy meals that your favorite food spot is likely to offer during the year. 

1. Pita and Hummus 

The Mediterranean part of the world is rich in history. From exotic spices to tasty sauces, you can explore many different healthy dishes that initially came from Mediterranean countries. One light and healthy meal that's offered in multiple restaurant locations is pita and hummus. Hummus is a flexible dish that can be prepared in various ways, from applying it to bread to mixing it with onions and other vegetables. 

Within a restaurant setting, hummus can be applied on a pita and supplemented with other healthy components that fill your stomach. Let the chef take you on a journey of many different hummus recipes for lunch, dinner, or even a late afternoon snack.

You can also expect to enjoy different types of bread and hummus combos. Flatbread, regular wheat bread, and even thick crusts are all healthy alternatives to regular pitas. Ask your local restaurant what hummus dishes they offer during your next visit. 

2. Pasta Alfredo

When it comes to a restaurant setting, you can rarely go wrong with Italian dishes. Pasta with alfredo sauce is an excellent way of cutting down on butter, salt, and excess fat. This dish is also convenient to prepare, serving as the perfect lunch-time snack during a busy day. Many restaurants also add veggies on the side to complete the nutritional value of this classic meal. 

3. Egg Salad

Salads are a healthy mix of veggies that provide critical nutrients to the body. But if you're looking to spice up your dish, consider visiting a restaurant that adds eggs to the salad itself. Egg salad is relatively light when used in the right portions. It can also be used to incentivize vegetable consumption if you're starting to grow tired of the same old salad recipes.


19 February 2021

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