Two Tips To Follow If You're Taking Your Partner Out To A Pizza Restaurant For Their Birthday


If you want to treat your partner to a meal at an amazing pizza place for their birthday, you might want to give this advice a read.

Pick a restaurant that can make a customized pizza

On this occasion, picking a restaurant that does delicious-but-generic pizzas will not suffice; instead, you should look for one that can make your partner an exceptionally tasty customized pizza. The reason for this is as follows; if you want this meal to feel like a celebration of your partner's birthday, rather than just a pleasant dinner at a pizza place, you need to have an amazing meal prepared especially for them. Doing this will show them that you have made an effort to make this a memorable occasion. 

When the chef asks you how you want them to customize the pizza, you might want to suggest that they shape the pizza dough into two numbers, to represent your partner's age or (if he or she is not thrilled about getting older and might not like numerical reminders of this fact at their meal) you could have them form the dough into a heart or star shape and position the toppings so that the colors of these items form a rainbow or some other pretty color combination. This should make for a wonderfully bright and unique-looking pizza.

If your partner likes unusual pizza toppings (like mashed potato, crab, or blue cheese), you must also ensure that the restaurant stocks these (or can order them for this occasion) so that your partner will enjoy the flavors of the pizza just as much as its personalized appearance.

Pack some cake sparklers or candles for the pizza

If your partner doesn't particularly like eating cake or if the pizza place you've picked doesn't serve it, then the customized pizza will probably act as the 'stand-in' for a traditional birthday cake. In this situation, you should pack some cake sparklers or candles, and then hand them over to the chef when you get to the restaurant so that they can pop them onto your partner's pizza before the waiter brings it to your table.

Sparklers are a good choice if you want to present your partner with their meal in a dramatic and fun manner, whilst candles might be better if your partner is easily embarrassed and might not like the attention that will be drawn to them by some fizzing sparklers. If you use candles, make sure to remove them from the pizza very quickly, as the heat of the melted cheese might cause the wax to melt onto the pizza if they're left in it for several minutes. Contact Scittino's Italian Market Place for more.


30 June 2020

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