4 Ways To Upgrade Your Chicken Wing Meal


On Super Bowl weekend, Americans consume over a billion chicken wings. Throughout the year, chicken wings are a popular restaurant meal and a great at-home treat. When it comes to preparing chicken wings, there are some tricks you can use to upgrade your chicken wings.

Way #1: Strategically Apply Wing Sauce

Be strategic about when you apply the wing sauce to the chicken. You should take the wings and cook them until they are almost done. Before the wings are done, take them off the heat and then toss the wings in the sauce. To really coat the wings, put something over the bowl, like a lid or plastic wrap, and shake the wings and the sauce together. This will really coat the wings with the sauce.

Grill the wings for a minute or two to finish cooking them and then before pulling them off the grill and enjoy. If you overcook the wings once they have the sauce on them, you will end up with burned sauce, which doesn't taste great.

Way #2: Take the Blue Cheese to the Next Level

You can just throw out some blue cheese with your wings, or you can create a unique blue cheese mixture. Blue cheese dips can be interesting and fun. You can add various other cheeses to the mix in order to create something tasty. You can also add various flavors to the blue cheese, making the dip a little more interesting.

Way #3: Use Different Types of Ranches

Not everyone likes to dip their wings in a blue cheese dip, which is where ranch comes in. However, you don't need to use a simple ranch dip. There are so many different types of ranch flavors that you can pair with different types of wings, such as avocado ranch, cilantro lime, or bacon ranch. These different flavors of ranch will change the entire flavor and experience of eating the wings.

Way #4: Don't Forget About the Celery Sticks

The celery sticks are one of the most overlooked parts of eating wings, and they shouldn't be. Don't just chop up raw celery and add them to your meal. Instead, take your celery sticks and put them on the grill for a little flavor. Or use some pickled celery sticks instead. Have some fun and add some flavor to the most basic part of this classic meal.

If you want to upgrade your chicken wings, you need to make sure you elevate the whole experience, from the wings themselves to the blue cheese dip. Take the whole experience to an all-new flavor level.

To learn more, go to a restaurant that specializes in wings and learn their ways. 


21 February 2020

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