Why A Burger Is A Smart Choice At A Steakhouse


Ordering a steak whenever you visit a steakhouse makes a lot of sense. Not only is this dish the restaurant's specialty, but many steakhouses have a variety of steaks on the menu, which means you can try different cuts to find one that you like. If you're someone who never strays away from the "Steaks" section of the menu, it can be worth checking out some other menu items on occasion. In particular, ordering a burger is a decision that you likely won't regret. While it may seem strange to order a burger (something that you can get at any restaurant) when you visit a steakhouse, here are some reasons that this meal is a good choice.

Good Beef

When you order a burger at a steakhouse, you can trust that you'll be getting top-quality beef that has likely been ground in house. At other types of restaurants, you shouldn't be surprised to find out that the restaurant buys its beef frozen. It may throw several patties on the grill at once, and then keep them warm for patrons. This won't be the case at the steakhouse. The kitchen staff members are experts in handling beef, so they'll not only grind the beef that will go into your burger, but also carefully form and cook it to order.

Good Sear

There are few things worse in the world of burgers than getting a patty that does not have a proper crust on it. Searing a burger patty at high temperatures forms the outer crust to keep moisture inside the patty, while also providing a harder texture that is appealing to bite into. Steakhouses have high-temperature grills and ovens that they use to sear their steaks, so you can count on these same appliances to give your burger patty a top-notch sear.

Good Sides

Of course, eating a burger isn't just about the patty, the bun, and the toppings. For this meal to be complete, you will also want a tasty side dish to complement your main meal. At standard restaurants, you usually have the choice of fries or salad, both of which may have a boring appearance and taste. At a steakhouse, this won't happen. Whether you pair your burger with steak fries, a freshly-made Caesar salad, or even something less conventional such as a loaded baked potato, you'll have a well-rounded burger that is enjoyable from the first bite to the last.

As you can see, ordering a burger at steakhouse may be unconventional, but could yield many benefits.


2 September 2019

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