Here's How You Can Customize Your Pizza Order To Make It Vegan-Friendly


Whether you're a plant-based eater yourself or you're concerned about accommodating a vegan in your pizza party, there are a variety of fun and effective ways to customize your pizza order and ensure that it's vegan approved. Here are just a few ideas to consider using:

Replace the Cheese

A pizza isn't vegan if cheese it on it, but just because you're ordering a pizza without cheese doesn't mean that the pizza has to be boring. Most pizza restaurants are happy to replace the cheese with something more vegan-friendly off their menu at no extra charge. And extra toppings likely aren't all that's available.

Find out if the pesto sauce is vegan — if so, have the restaurant replace the cheese with the pesto for extra flavor, depth, and satisfaction. Or ask the restaurant to drizzle balsamic vinaigrette over the pizza sauce before putting toppings on to add a little extra flair to the meal.

Choose "Meaty" Toppings

To ensure that the plant-based eaters at your pizza table don't feel like they're eating nothing more than rabbit food while everyone else is eating rich slices of greasy pizza, choose a variety of "meaty" toppings for your plant-based pizza. Mushrooms are an excellent option, thanks to their texture and rich flavor. Roasted bell peppers and tomatoes will add a heftier texture to the pizza too.

The pizza restaurant may even have some veggie bacon or sausage on hand that could be added to your pie. The restaurant you're ordering from should be happy to provide you with a complete list of plant-based ingredients that are available in the restaurant so you can mix and match as you see fit without missing on any special ingredient options.

Order Dipping Sauces

Make your plant-based pizza even more delicious by adding some extra dipping sauces to your order. Just ask the restaurant to put together a variety of vegan-friendly sauces from the kitchen to accompany the pizza. With multiple sauces to enjoy, every bite of the pizza can be a different and exciting experience that won't disappoint even the pickiest of plant-based eaters. Even just some extra olive oil mixed with garlic can help transform a basic vegan pizza into a culinary delight.

You can always call the pizza restaurant ahead of time to find out what kind of plant-based options they have so you can do a little planning and make sure that you're prepared when you show up to actually order your pizza.

Contact a local restaurant like Scittino's Italian Market Place to learn more about their options for customized pizza.


25 February 2019

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