Are You Hosting A Party?


Is somebody in your family having a special occasion, perhaps a birthday or the celebration of a new job? Perhaps there's not a certain event to celebrate, but you are just in the mood to get friends together, maybe for supper and a movie right in your own family room. Or maybe your child wants to have friends over to play board games.  Whatever the reason that you are hosting a party, from choosing the main course to planning a special dessert, here are some ideas that might help you as you host your party.

Do The Preliminaries - Before you even plan the food or the activities you will have at your party, put out the word of your event so that you can get a very close number of how many will be accepting your invitation. Of course, this will help you to plan the food and the seating arrangements. Also, try to find out if anybody has food allergies so that you can plan around that information. If you have to pre-order any of the food, think of doing that ahead of time, but also follow up to confirm your order. By doing the preliminaries and checking them before the event takes place, you can have peace of mind that you have thought of details.

The Menu - Whether you are planning a meal for adults or for children, think of arranging for pizza delivery. After all, don't most people love pizza? Did you find out in your pre-planning that somebody was allergic to cheese? If so, be sure to order a cheese-free pizza. Otherwise, think of just getting an assortment so that there will be something for everybody who is eating. For example, think of getting a plain cheese pizza for purists, pepperoni pizza for meat lovers, and a supreme pizza that is loaded with everything from artichoke hearts to mushrooms for your guests who are a bit more daring. And, while you're at it, think about ordering dessert pizzas, too. You will more than likely have choices like cinnamon and sugar, chocolate chip, or even a sweet Hawaiian pizza with things like coconut and pineapple as part of the toppings. You should also consider searching the internet with terms like "pizza delivery florence ky" for your locale to see if there is a pizza restaurant that has better deals at the time.

If you do decide to order pizza, be sure to tell the pizza restaurant exactly which day and at which time the pizza should be delivered. If you don't know how many pizzas to order, the clerk will more than likely be able to help you with that. 


20 July 2018

Enjoying New Restaurants

As soon as I started traveling a lot for work, I realized that I was going to be eating out--a lot. Instead of just visiting the same old fast-food restaurants that I had grown up with, I decided that it would be great to explore exciting new restaurants. I started small, by going to little places that had earned high ratings, and then I worked my way up to some of the more fancy establishments in the area. It was really great to see what I was able to find, and I was super pleased to explore so many new kinds of foods. Check out this blog for tips on enjoying new restaurants.