How Food Can Change Your Voice


Combined restaurants and karaoke bars are nothing new, but as more people start going to these places, they quickly find out that how they handle their food also affects how they sing. If you're about to try karaoke for the first time and are going to a restaurant that serves full meals, too, there are ways to keep your voice in good shape even after you've been eating.

The Effects of Food on Your Body

One good effect of eating before singing is that you stop any growling hunger signals; sometimes those can be so loud that other people can hear them well, and you don't want those to compete with your singing. And, if you eat the right things -- particularly solid but greasy foods like potato chips -- you'd actually be providing lubrication for your articulators, the structures in your mouth that help you form specific sounds.

But sugary foods can coat your mouth and throat, and make it harder for you to sing well. If you eat too much of anything, even those "good" foods, your full stomach could make you more sluggish. And if you really overdo it and gorge, your diaphragm muscle won't move as effectively, making air, and vocal control less easy.

Strategies for Singing Karaoke During Your Meal

Of course, if you're just aiming to have a good time, none of this might worry you. But it's always nicer to know how to eat so that your voice still sounds good once you pick up that mic.

Drinking water is crucial. That washes food particles out of your mouth and prevents your mouth from making sounds known as mouth clicks, which a karaoke microphone could pick up. Your throat will also not be as dry, and that is necessary if you want to avoid hurting your throat.

Eat at a moderate pace. If you're in a favorite burger restaurant, chowing down on a delicious burger, there's an understandable tendency to really go for it and take big bites. Slow down if the burger joint also has a karaoke stage. You can still eat the whole thing, but if you eat slowly and take reasonable bites, you won't feel so overly full. Plus you'll get to enjoy the burger for a longer time.

Try to leave the really sugary things for when you're done singing. You'll have less of a "coated" feeling in your throat, and you can treat the desserts as rewards for having the bravery to get up on that stage and sing. So head to your favorite burger/karaoke place and enjoy both good food and some (hopefully) good singing.


22 December 2017

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