What Are The Top Five Sandwiches In The United States?


Americans love sandwiches. Residents, from Maine to Florida and from Washington State to southern California, consume around 300 million sandwiches each day. In fact, sandwiches (including hamburgers) account for around half of all restaurant sales.

It's not difficult to see why sandwiches are so popular. They are affordable, easy to eat and/or carry away, and often include multiple flavors in each bite. However, some sandwiches are more popular than others. Below are the most commonly-ordered sandwiches in the U.S. The nation's top choices might just surprise you.

1. Turkey. Versatile turkey tops the list of America's most popular sandwiches. As long as you keep the cheese and other high-fat toppings to a minimum, turkey is also a healthy sandwich choice. An astounding 14 percent of people surveyed by "Business Insider" magazine said that they had eaten at least one turkey sandwich in the past two weeks.

2. Ham. The always tasty ham sandwich comes in a close second to turkey, with 11 percent of the people in the survey reporting that they had eaten a ham sandwich in the past two weeks. 

3. Chicken. The proverbial chicken sandwich is replacing the traditional hamburger as Americans continue to replace beef with white meats, such as chicken. Chicken is also versatile. It can be paired with cheese, breaded and served with marinara sauce, or even layered with stuffing to create a winter comfort food.

4. Sub sandwich. America's passion for pizza and Italian food makes the sub sandwich one of the nation's favorites. Called a grinder in the northeast, a hoagie in the Midwest, a hero in New York City and a po' boy in New Orleans and the Gulf coast, this collection of cold meat, cheese, and vegetables is an American standard.

5. Peanut butter and jelly. Not all favorite sandwiches come from restaurants. The fifth most popular sandwich in the US is the childhood lunchbox staple PB&J. Virtually all of these are made at home, but don't be fooled into thinking that all are consumed by kids. Regional variations include adding pickles or bananas in the center. Also, while grape jelly is the most common ingredient, some sandwich lovers use strawberry, blackberry, and even pepper jelly to mix it up a little bit

America's sandwich consumption shows no sign of slowing down. The good news is that whatever your tastes and eating habits, you can probably find a sandwich that suits your needs.


21 December 2016

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