7 Tips For Ordering Healthier Pizza


Opting for a healthier lifestyle does not necessarily mean you have to give up on the foods you love. If you love pizza, there are healthier ordering choices that you can make at your local pizzeria and still be able to enjoy it. Here are some easy changes you can make to your order to eat healthier while still eating pizza.  

  1. Add more vegetables. Your favorite pizza probably has vegetables on it anyway, but if you want to eat healthier, add more. Vegetables contain the nutrients that you need and can help you feel fuller after you enjoy a slice or two.  

  2. Ditch the thick crust. Thinner crusts are a better option than a thick crust for many reasons, including the fact that it offers less calories. You can also opt for a whole wheat flour crust, which will give you more fiber and protein.  

  3. Ask for light or no cheese. Cheese is a great addition to a pizza, but it can also be loaded down in sodium and fats. If asking for light or no cheese, you can also ask for a lower fat cheese, such as feta or parmesan.  

  4. Look for lean proteins. Lean proteins, such as Canadian bacon and chicken breast, are a better option than other traditional toppings, including beef and sausage. It is important to note that even though they are better options, ask for a light serving of the lean meats for a healthier pizza. 

  5. Add fruit. If you have never eaten fruit on a pizza, it might seem strange. However, fruit pairs well with the sauce and vegetables on pizza. Fruits, such as pineapple, can add a sweet surprise and sometimes provide an antioxidant boost.  

  6. Opt for an alternative sauce. If your local pizzeria offers alternatives sauces, such as garlic paste or pesto, choose those over the more traditional tomato sauce. Traditional sauce can sometimes have too much sugar, which means more calories for you. 

  7. Use your napkin. One of the most effective tools you have against an unhealthy pizza is your napkin. Simply patting your pizza a few times with a napkin before eating it helps to soak up some of the oils that are on it and lowers the calories you intake.  

Depending on the local pizzeria you choose, such as Pazzo's Pizzeria, there could also be a healthy choices menu available. If not, you can make changes to your order to stay on track with your new healthier lifestyle. 


16 December 2016

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