A Mexican Restaurant Could Be Your Most Nutritious Dining Venue


Eating healthy while dining out is never easy. Fatty and sugary selections really do crowd the menus of most restaurants. So, if you want to eat a little better, navigate your way towards one of the finer Mexican restaurants in the local area. Contrary to conventional thought, Mexican food can be enormously healthy for you provided you know how to make the right entrée selection.

Stay Away from the Bad Food Choices

The reason Mexican cuisine gets a bad rap is because, honestly, there are some really rich selections loaded with saturated fat. This is true even when the recipe also includes some very nutritious ingredients. For example, a light taco with healthy lettuce that comes with a ton of cheese and red hamburger meat is overloaded with fat. So, cut out the bad stuff and navigate towards a healthier taco. Going with a white chicken meat and light cheese taco is one way to do this.

Do Not Ruin Good Food with Condiments

The health benefits of even great food choices can be ruined upon adding less-than-desirable extras. Sour cream is best avoided when you are on a health kick do to the high fat and dairy content. Traditional Mexican hot sauces on their dinner might look light, but they often are not. The sauces come with a lot of unnecessary sugar and sodium to the mix.

Fear not. Other options exist.

Substitute fatty, sugary toppings for light selections such as lime-cilantro crema. Not only do you eliminate all the bad ingredients, you provide the body with many excellent nutrients.

Know Your Mexican Cuisine Nutrients

Researching the health benefits of Mexican cuisine definitely will help you make better choices when eating out.

Do you know what would you get health-wise from the aforementioned lime-cilantro crema? In addition to fewer calories lime delivers one of the most powerful antioxidant of all, Vitamin C. The cilantro provides a great source of fiber and minerals and aids in reducing cholesterol levels.

You do not have to be a nutritionist to know what menu items are best for you. Eating lighter selections with a lot of all-natural ingredients in traditional Mexican food such as avocado, tomato, corn, and onion is a great way to get solid nutrients.

That said, you should do a little research as to what food choices deliver what vitamins and minerals. This way, you can maximize the health benefits of eating in Mexican restaurants. Once you have a better idea about what food is good for you, eating out becomes a great opportunity to get a nice serving of whatever nutrients you are deficient.

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15 December 2014

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